Fiona Rintoul – writer, journalist, translator

Photo: Susan Kemp


Daily Record, 25 October 2016
Take a trip to explore ‘Whisky Island’ in the Scottish Hebrides
By Maggie Mallon

Press and Journal, 22 October 2016
Book review: Whisky Island by Fiona Rintoul and Konrad Borkowski
By Susan Welsh

The Herald, 15 October 2016
Stills game: a journey into the enchanted world of Islay whisky
By Fiona Rintoul

West Highland Free Press, 12 May 2016
Ullapool 12, Mediocrity 0
By Michael Russell

Observer, 12 July 2015
Best holiday reads 2015
The Leipzig Affair chosen by Margaret Drabble

BBC News, 15 March 2015
My Leipzig Affair: Student’s term behind the Iron Curtain
By Steven Brocklehurst

Kreuzer, February 2015
“Privat fand ich die DDR sehr nett”: Die schottische Autorin Fiona Rintoul über ihr Roman-Debüt “The Leipzig Affair”
By Olaf Schmidt

Glasgow Review of Books, 27 January 2015
German history in fiction: a conversation with Fiona Rintoul
By Anne Stokes

The Scotsman, 17 January 2015
Book review: The Leipzig Affair by Fiona Rintoul
By David Robinson

Sunday Herald, 23 November 2014
Traveller’s Rest
By Marissa Duffy

Glasgow Review of Books, 10 November 2014
East of East Kilbride: My Journey behind the Iron Curtain
A photo essay by Fiona Rintoul

Evening Times, 8 November 2014
Behind the Iron Curtain
By Angela McManus

The Student Newspaper, 21 October 2014
Armed guards and essay deadlines
By Fiona Rintoul

Agence France Presse, 9 October 2014
In fact, fiction and photo, books explore fall of Berlin Wall
By Kate Millar

Times Literary Supplement, 8 August 2014
Arnold Zweig Outside Verdun; Translated by Fiona Rintoul
By Ritchie Robertson

The Independent, 22 May 2014
Outside Verdun by Arnold Zweig; Translated by Fiona Rintoul,
book review

By Rebecca K Morrison