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What is this United Kingdom of which you speak?

Posted on July 22nd, by admin in Thoughts on things. 1 Comment

Dougal has yet to decide which way he’s voting in the independence referendum; he’s still on the hilltop

Whichever side of the Scottish independence hilltop you’re on, it’s hard not to despair of the way the debate is being conducted. Quite a lot is being missed out, glossed over and not grasped – purposely or otherwise.

There has always been some confusion outside Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland about the difference between British and English. Now there also seems to be confusion – rampant confusion – about what the United Kingdom is.

Recent discussions about Faslane are a case in point. Forget for a moment the absurdity of suggesting that Faslane could be not part of Scotland in an independent Scotland, with a sort of non-Scottish corridor in the Firth of Clyde (a bit like the old corridor road between West Berlin and West Germany perhaps) down which nuclear submarines could happily chug, bound for the defence of Rump Great Britain (we’ll think of a better name in due course).

Forget that. And all the other scaremongering. Marvel instead at the idiocy of writing or talking  – as many journalists, politicians and commentators on both sides of the border continue to do … Read More »