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The Stasi Are Among Us

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Behauptung des RaumesThe Stasi Are Among Us was a 2011 collaboration between the Glasgow Film Festival and the University of Edinburgh organised by Susan Kemp in conjunction with Laura Bradley and Fiona Rintoul. It explored the very different experiences of four filmmakers who worked under the watchful gaze of the Stasi, the unpredictable East German censor.

During the two-day event, five films made by the East German film studio DEFA but later banned were screened at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow alongside a 2009 documentary about alternative East German culture entitled Claiming space: staging independent exhibitions in the GDR (Behauptung des Raumes: Wege unabhängiger Ausstellungskultur in der DDR). The film directors took part in panel discussions, and two East German writers, Gabriele Stötzer and Johannes Jansen, whose work had been translated and published in Glasgow-based Gutter magazine to coincide with the event read at a closing party.

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